You Don’t Need to Run A Business to Buy A Van! Here’s Why

Tradespeople and business people prefer vans and light commercial vehicles for their work activities, and cars are relegated to leisure or the daily commute. The structure and size of vans for sale in Brisbane make them efficient vehicles for different businesses. While they are overlooked by the non-business people looking for a vehicle, a van can also be an excellent option for any car buyer.

Below is a compilation of reasons why you should take an interest in vans for sale QLD listings, even if you don’t own a business or are a tradesperson.

vans for sale in brisbane

Their versatility

At first glance, vans seem like rigid vehicles, but they are flexible in terms of the options available in terms of the space inside. Depending on the size of your van, some have two or three seats out in the front. If you need to carry more people or prefer the comfort of five-seater cars for sale Bowen offers, install the second row of seats to increase the seating capacity.

Space behind can easily be converted into whatever you want. For instance, installing small modifications like shelving or hooks transforms the space into an organized area. If you have a big van, you can convert the space into a fully functional living area complete with a sleeping area, running water and electricity!

Prepare for adventures

Most of the SUVs and estate demo cars for sale QLD has today, provide plenty of boot space so you can pack everything required for a memorable family trip. On the other hand, a van offers you a massive load area that can securely hold bikes for your entire family, camping equipment and much more without looking for exterior accessories.

Panel vans for sale in Brisbane don’t have windows, which guarantees the safety of your equipment and possessions. Everything is out of sight, but you can add a couple of heavy-duty locks for added security.

Wheelchair accessible

While this is not for everybody, vans are the most comfortable vehicles to modify if wheelchair accessibility is critical. Further, the naturally high roof easily accommodates a passenger in his or her wheelchair. The sliding side doors, as well as 180-degree opening rear doors, offer various accessibility options, while the interior is easily configurable for passenger or storage space. Check it out at Brisbane City Peugeot

Increased towing capacity

Vans are designed to perform under stress and strain, making them perfect for towing a horse box, trailer or a caravan. Large vans have towing capacities of up to 3.5 tonnes, while medium-sized vans can easily tow up to 2.5 tonnes. Most vans for sale in Brisbane don’t have rear view mirrors, but the large door mirrors compensate for this by offering a great view of everything’s that behind the van.

Get your van today

Are you convinced or still on the fence on whether you need a van? Brisbane City Peugeot has a wide selection of new, used and demo vans for sale. Call 07 3067 4085 today and schedule a test drive as you talk about financing and van servicing.

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