Repair or replacement: Keep your HGV windscreen on top condition

It’s inevitable. Your HGV windscreen will eventually acquire chips or cracks, especially with all the heavy-duty trips it does.

You can’t simply ignore it for a long time, as it poses serious road accidents to you or your workers driving it. Moreover, the law specifically requires windscreen on top condition for any vehicles to drive.

That is why, you should know more about repairing or replacing windscreen, so you can have proper attention to your vehicle.

Knowing about repairing or replacing HGV windscreen

Here are a few factors to consider, for you to know if your windscreen can simply be repaired, or if it requires replacement.

The size of the crack or chip

Smaller cracks and chips could be repaired, like cracks which are about 3in long or chips about the size of a coin. Remember that larger cracks and chips could potentially damage your entire windscreen, even when it’s repaired.

However, the best HGV windscreen repairs company could have a different size requirement, for them to repair or replace a windscreen. It’s important to ask the service first, so they could clarify it for you. Check it out at

Location of the crack or chip

Good HGV cracked windscreen repairs specialist could repair chips or cracks, as long as it’s located away from the driver’s field of vision. However, if it’s obstructing the driver’s visibility, it should be replaced.

This is important to consider, as it tells the risk a mere chip or crack could bring. Having a chip like the size of a dime, for example, the windscreen should be replaced if it’s directly in front of the driver’s seat.

This is because repairing a windscreen always leaves some patches afterwards.

The depth of a crack or chip

An HGV windscreen is composed of external glass, a plastic layer, and an internal glass. If the chip or crack reaches beyond the plastic layer, the windscreen should be replaced.

Repairing chips or cracks with such depths will leave the risk of the windscreen being damaged easily.

Find a windscreen repair service you can trust

Now that you have enough ideas on when to repair or replace your windscreen, you should find a reliable service centre for it. Here are few factors to take note:

  • Start by looking for a reputable choice in your area. If you’re in Birmingham, for example, you can choose, for the best HGV replacement windscreens in Birmingham.
  • Next, consider the resources they have, and if they offer OEM windscreen for replacements. This could assure you of having quality repairs and replacements, with all the quality tools and windscreen they can provide.
  • Find a service centre that is approved by insurance companies. This is for you to have easy repairs or replacements, without spending too much from your pocket.
  • Finally, it would be best if the centre has friendly staff to cater to your needs. That could help you keep a good communication with them, so you’ll know about the processes going on.

Remember these points, so you can keep your HGV windscreen on top condition. Know when to repair or replace your windscreen, and find a reliable service for it.

That should keep your heavy goods vehicle safe throughout its heavy-duty travels.

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