Four ways to earn money from your old car

Are you tired of driving your old car and want to upgrade? Or has it been sitting in your garage for a long time already? Then perhaps it is time that you check out and earn money from your old four wheels.

There are several ways you can earn money with your old and unwanted car. Your mode of disposal will depend on the following:

  •         Condition of your car
  •         If you are willing to spend time and money on repairs
  •         If you want to earn more
  •         If you just want to get rid of your car fast and easy

So how do I earn money from my old car?

Here are four ways you can dispose of and earn money from your old car:

Fix it up and sell it

If your car is generally still in good condition, you can fix it up and sell it. You can demand a higher price if your car looks good and is in good running condition.

The best way you can save on repairs is to do DIY, but of course, this is only applicable if you know a lot about cars. If your knowledge is limited, then leave the repairs to the experts.

Expert mechanics can help fix your car’s engine problem. They can also ensure that all the buttons and dials in your car are working perfectly.

Aside from making sure that the engine is okay, the looks of your car can also affect its price. You can ask for a higher selling price with new paint or upholstery.

Sell it as it is

If you are too busy and do not have a budget to fix up your car, then you can sell it as it is. This is a fast and easy way to earn money from your car. A car removal company such as can help you.


If you are planning to upgrade your car to a newer model, then trading it in is another viable option.

Trading in your old car requires a little research. Shop around for car distributors that can offer you the best deals before you trade your car.

Also, it is necessary that you know the current value of your car. You can have your car fixed and painted so that it can have a higher appraisal value.

Scrap your car

Scrapping your car is the last resort you can do if no one is interested in buying it. You can still earn money even if you have a junk car.

Choose a car removal company that offers you the highest price for your junk car. The price of your car will depend on the condition, model, the number of sellable parts and current recycle market rate.

Just contact They will send you a quote, schedule your car’s pick up, and pay you.

To get more money from your old car, choose a car removal company that offers free pick up. This not only saves you money but also saves you the hassle and effort in getting rid of your old car.

If you want to dispose of your car and earn money at the same time, then please visit They can assist you in getting rid of your old, unwanted car and pays you cash. They buy all types of vehicles, brands, running or not, and even the old rusty ones.

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