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Here’s how Medical Practitioners Promote the Rights of Coal Miners

Each of us needs to do our best to fend for our families. Our financial obligations drive us to take whatever job we can get to achieve financial goals. Even if it means danger, we cannot blame others for taking the risk if it’s for the good of their families. One of the most hazardous jobs to take is coal mining.

These work environments pose hazards to people. Which is why employers do their best to ensure the wellness of their labour force. Medical examination such as the NSW order 43 medical is a part of the employees’ rights and privileges to prevent and manage workplace injuries. This is important to ensure safety and wellness, especially while working in hazardous environments.

According to medical professionals, these examinations are administered before employment. During the selection process, professionals should assess if you are fit to work. Or else, the hazardous environment could cause complications to your underlying illnesses.

If you’re planning to enter the coal mining industry, you need to know how NSW order 43 medical works. This way, you can assess yourself if you’re fit to work in a coal mine. So, what does this medical examination include?

Order 43 medical

The NSW order 43 medical examination has three primary stages. The first one is Order 43 Medical. This examination includes a medical history questionnaire where you can input any medical condition. It also requires you to list any prescription drug and supplements you’ve been taking for maintenance. Furthermore, the questionnaire will ask about your last medical checkup to assess if your health has changed over the past year.

Medical professionals need to assess if your body is well and healthy. You need to undergo a vision test, spirometry test, respiratory test, urinalysis, cardiovascular test, and many more. Passing these examinations means that you can withstand the pressure, the hard work, and the hazards that the environment pose.

Chest x-ray

The second segment of the examination is a chest x-ray. The test will show if you have heart and lung problems. It reveals if you have fluid or unnecessary air surrounding your lungs. If so, you might not be eligible to work in a coal mine because the environment might aggravate the symptoms of your ailments. See more at Resile

Respirator fit testing

The third stage of the medical examination is a respirator fit test. During this phase, the medical professionals will issue protective gear to shield you from inhaling harmful gases and particles in the workplace. The entire labour force needs to undergo respirator fit testing Perth professionals recommend. This way, you are assured that the respirator issued to you fits your face properly and will prevent any particle, dust, and gas from entering your lungs.

If you’re wondering what is an occupational physician, they are the professionals that ensure the safety and well-being of people in the workforce. They are the people who administer NSW medical exams, respirator fit testing, and fit-for-work medicals.

Aside from that, they are responsible for explaining injury classifications and how to prevent employees from it. Occupational doctors are effective assets in the workforce that ensures that the employer and employees maintain a sound mind and body. For more information about occupational health and safety, visit

Business Services

5 Essential Considerations to Make When Looking For a Venue

Whether you are having a business function, wedding reception or even a fundraising event, the choice of your venue is critical. Various halls may be multipurpose but unfortunately are not all standard to meet all your needs. You have to make a careful analysis of your current needs and the purpose of your function before hiring the final venue Brisbane has today. Thus, to have a successful function making prior arrangements depending on your specific needs is paramount.

The capacity

The overall ability of the hall and area to accommodate your guests is necessary. The size of your venue will impact on the overall success of the function. Choosing tiny events venue Brisbane has, will make your guests feel uncomfortable as they are cramped. Consequently, it will leave the attendants dissatisfied with the function. Besides the main event, you need to know other activities such as entertainment will be incorporated and all these activities demand a big space. Check Lightspace for more details.


Getting several venues on the town’s outskirts is possible. They may be available at great prices, and you may be tempted to take such offers. However, put into consideration your guests. Going to a far off area may deter most of your guests from attending the event. If you are going to have events hire Brisbane offers today, ensure it is a convenient area for all your guests.


Go for a modern and clean area. Having a run down and dilapidated place may make it hard to do decorations. Moreover, the general outlook of the area will make a significant impression on your guests. Consequently, to avoid negative publicity choose a well-maintained area. For instance, for events like weddings Brisbane has today; choose a space with great interiors and ambiance.


Depending on the nature of the function always seek to know all the facilities available. Some of this venue Brisbane has will vary and hence depending on your needs look for what will suit your case. In your case, for instance, you may be in need of WI-FI, audio, and visual equipment. As such go for the client that will offer all the amenities.


Budgetary considerations are critical. You do not have to break necessarily the banks to have a great event and function. It’s nonsensical to go for a venue that is too way your budget. Make certain that the final venue hire area will suit your function and also fit well within your set budget. You should never start looking for space without a prior budget.

Planning for an event can be a daunting task. However, it can be successful by making prior arrangements. Moreover, it may demand a lot of time and thus you should be ready to sacrifice so as to do a thorough, comprehensive comparison shopping. Your choice of venue will make a great impression on you and the company if it is a corporate place. Also involving an expert is critical as they will give you advice on choosing the best venue Brisbane has today. For more info, visit