A brief introduction to the stunningly beautiful Skoda Cars

As you may be aware, Skoda cars owe their origin to the Czech automobile manufacturer. Recently, it became a subsidiary of Volkswagen group of automobile manufacturers. Interestingly, Skoda is regarded as the fourth most popular brand of cars from the Volkswagen group. The manufacturers of Skoda cars have been introducing new models of cars at regular intervals. These new skoda cars have gained popularity among users.

Universal popularity:

As a matter of fact, all the brands of Volkswagen cars and particularly the Skoda were popular throughout Europe. However, with expansion in the market, the manufacturers have now been able to build clientele in Asia and other parts of the world. As a result, the Skoda cars have gained popularity throughout the world. Now, every model of the new skoda cars is in great demand throughout the world.

Assurance on the quality:

Skoda has been introducing cars in different models. The most popular ones are Fabia, Octavia and Yeti. Each of these has different models. You can buy your new skoda car from any of the authorized representatives of the car manufacturer. These manufacturers also undertake to service and repair every model of Skoda cars. In fact, you can even get genuine spare parts from these authorized dealers. Normally, the authorized dealers would buy the spare parts directly from the manufacturers. Hence, you get an assurance on the quality of every spare part you buy from them.

Now, you may take a look at some of the popular models of Skoda cars.

Fabia: Among the various brands of Skoda cars, the skoda fabia is regarded as a very popular car. The manufacturers have introduced Fabia in different models like RS Wagon, Ambition, Wagon, RS and Monte Carlo. As a matter of fact, Fabia is a 75 bhp car with 5400 RPM. The car has a seating capacity for five persons. The other features of the car include central locking, front and rear power windows along with superior quality fabric upholstery. The car has enough legroom for the occupants.

Octavia: Just as the Fabia, even the skoda octiva is available in different models. The popularity of Octavia is because of its undisputed technical excellence. For example, Octavia consumes less fuel, but it is known for its elevated 250 Nm torque. It has a multi collision break system with very efficient airbag deflecting mechanism. All these have made your driving very much safer. The car is popular for its emphasis on passenger safety and comfort. Even after long hours of journey, you will not feel the fatigue.

Yeti: The popularity of skoda yeti lies in its flexible interior and stunning exterior. The car is also known for its rugged build, and it is designed to provide you flawless driving experience for several years. The car is provided with a rear view camera which shows you the objects behind the car. The camera guides you with a line indicating the safety zone. You also get digital signal highlighting the objects behind the car. The car is provided with electronic break system and anti breaking mechanism, and powerful headlights. See more at


As you may be aware, the popularity of Volkswagen cars has been recently marred with an alleged rigging of emission test results. Except for this, the car is known for its greater versatility and utility.

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